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    Sunday, June 06, 2021

    Hooked on "Sweet Tooth"

    It's been some time since I've watched a series where the whole family got into it. I first started watching "Sweet Tooth" by myself mid-afternoon yesterday in our family room. A third into the first episode, my eldest came down to make herself a late lunch. Next thing I knew she was sitting down with me on the sofa to watch it. She was asking questions and completely captivated. Next, our youngest came up from downstairs where he had been playing Minecraft with a classmate. 'What is this?" he quickly asked as he was closing the basement door. 

    By the end of the day my daughter and I had watched 3 episodes and even the better-half was curious to start watching the series after seeing the intro in the first episode.

    I've read somewhere that the actual books on which this is based are a bit darker, and I can easily see how and why. But the Netflix series has just the right amount of humour, wonder and post-apocalyptic horror.

    And this family has found something wonderful to watch together.


    Saturday, February 06, 2021

    Too Many Games, Too Little Time


    Back in late January, I ran a poll on my Twitter profile asking if other gamers out there add the same pattern of buy tons of games, most of which we'd never finish. 

    Turns out I wasn't alone in this behaviour. I can't speak for all of us, but I can tell you that the "collector's bug" is definitely at play in my case. If a sequel - or sequels - to a game I own show up on some Steam sale, I will for sure have an itch to scratch and will likely but those games. Will I actually start playing them immediately, or soon after purchasing them? Most likely not. But there's a good chance I'll pick them up and run through them some time in the future.

    And it is with most games I purchase these days. I picked up Frostpunk and Cities Skylines months, if not years ago, and only recently started playing. 

     I could blame a million little distractions that get in the way of actually playing the games I buy, but the top one, and the one that makes it the harder, is simply the shear volume of games, good games, that are available, and the limited time we have in a day. Time for myself that is. Cause with work, family life, household maintenance, reno projects, keeping in shape and everything else - including sleep, duh! - Going through the list of dozens and dozens of games I've got is simply not possible. 

    Add to the fact that some of the games I'm enjoying right now simply don't have an endgame. World of Tanks, World of Warships, nor Cities Skylines are rabbit holes and bottomless pits of time warp. Hundreds of hours spent playing them, and no closer to "finishing" them. Still damn fun though.

    As @McLazyJ outlined in his recent post - "Sometimes Our Appetite For Games Overextends Our Time (and Money)" - we shouldn't lose sleep over all these games with have purchased over the years, and still haven't played. We should simply forget that backlog of games, jump in once in a while and finish them as time permits. Scratch that itch, and dive in...

    Let's play ball...

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    Hooked on "Sweet Tooth"

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